Sunday, January 10, 2010

Already late 1.10.10

So i'm 10, count 'em, 10 days behind on this daily blog thing. Today is January 10, so already i suck. I figured a good way to remedy this is to do 2 blogs a day for the next 10 days, that should do it.

I don't think I did a blog on New Year's Day because I worked 15 hours on New Year's Eve. Not strenuous, just long. And how did I spend my New Year's Day? Flipping between the Doctor Who and Twilight Zone marathons, while Chris was asleep on the sofa, sick. And thanks to this work schedule and Chris being sick, we missed a party.

Usually, considering the fact that I have social anxiety disorder, missing a party usually makes me feel relieved. But this year, I was really looking forward to this party. It was held by our friends Chris and Molly, who I frankly don't spend enough time with. And last night, I had a dream that proved this to me. I dreamt that all of my friends who I love but never see were all together at this theater/bar/apartment building. We all mingled around, watched a play, and drank amaretto sours. I've never had an amaretto sour, but the point still remains, I need to see more of the other geeks in my life.

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