Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thunder and Players

I've decided that my New Year's resolution for 2010 will be to write something on this blog daily. I'm not all that into the idea of resolutions, and I tend to not stick with them, i.e. I'm still fat having never finished my degree. However, I am OCD enough that starting something in the middle of the week/month/year drives me crazy, and that is why I am picking the new year to start.

Now, I know myself well enough that I know just how long it takes me to develop a habit, and it's a good month or two before I start making sure something happens every day. Therefore, I'm going to start trying to write something as often as possible, so when January 1st hits I won't be so distracted by the Twilight Zone marathon that I forget all about it. So enough of the boring exposition, and on to the boring dream.

I often wake from dreams upset that they are over. I have lots of dreams where I am buying armloads of Pez dispensers, and when I wake up with nothing, it's sad. Last night's dream was just odd, but not bad. I wouldn't have minded if I stayed asleep, but waking up wasn't a buzz kill.

A lot of the time the locations in my dreams stay the same, even though they are locations I've made up during the dream. For example, I've been to the same upstairs record store in my mind a few times. This dream amalgamated several different previous locations into one town, including a restaurant/deli that has been the setting a few times. In this place is where I wound up meeting Peter Weller.

My dream version of Peter Weller was a strange guy. He was taller and thinner than he is in the movies, and that's a feat considering his role as RoboCop was given to him partially due to the fact that he is slender enough to wear the RoboSuit. (That's IMDB found info, I'm not just making up geek stories) He jumped into a conversation I was having with my dad, and from the things he said it was obvious that he was trying to promote Buckaroo Banzai, as he spoke as though Buckaroo was a real guy. In fact, he told stories about his "brother", Buckaroo. Very much in an Andy Kaufman/Tony Clifton kind of way. We're not yet to the weird part.

Weller decides to round up some of the people who played Hong Kong Cavaliers and sing in this restaurant. Oddly, I was one of them. I never got around in the dream to giving myself a Blue Blaze code name. Perhaps I didn't mention it as I don't think telling them I go by Hanoi Xan is a good idea. So we sang. Well, I wound up being the primary singer, as I was the only one who remembered all of the words to the song featured in this impromptu performance. The song was "Earth Angel", and I wasn't particularly good. I was off key in places, and didn't have much volume. But I sang it and people liked it, and before Peter Weller had anything to say about it, my dream shifted to featuring Crispin Glover.

Now, the song "Earth Angel" makes me think of Crispin Glover. Even though I'd heard that song before, I'd never really paid attention to it until it's appearance in the movie "Back To The Future". And, I've always had kind of this nerd crush on Crispin Glover. He's very cute and has great hands. If you don't believe me, pay special attention to them in "Back To The Future" where he gently holds Lorraine's face to kiss her at the end of the song, and when he holds Socrates in the movie "Willard". Anyway, interestingly enough, I met Crispin Glover last week.

He was in Columbus to show one of the movies in his trilogy (due to technical issues he was unable to show the originally scheduled film, but instead showed another one) and for a book reading. Evidently, he does mash mixes of old books. He rearranges or adds text to turn an existing book into something completely different, and they are very neat if you ask me. I was more enthralled with the book reading than I was the film, but still, all in all a great night. Everyone has asked me "Is he as crazy as he seemed on Letterman?" The answer is no. The worst you can say about him is that he goes off on tangents, and who doesn't? He was very nice and very sweet to listen to my ramblings, and honestly, i think HE thought I was a little crazy. I asked him if he'd been to Columbus since he was here in 1983, and he gave me a very strange look and said "No, actually." in a very surprised way. I think he wondered if I was a little weird for knowing that. But come on, when you live in Columbus Ohio, it's not every day movie stars come to your town to shoot a movie, especially movie stars your mother adores.

Crispin Glover was in "Teachers", which was filmed at the old Central High School. Where COSI is now. He plays a troubled freaky kid, and at the end he's shot like so much Sal Mineo.

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