Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Ugly American Tendencies

As a foreign traveler, I'm pretty good. I don't simply speak louder English to someone who doesn't speak it, I don't complain that this food is different than the stuff we get back home, I don't say things like "this looks like Monopoly money!", and I don't spend all of my time looking for a McDonalds. But, I have some dark shameful ugly American traits. Well, mainly one.

Here in Aviles, Asturias, Spain, things are pretty green. The lights in most public places have motion sensors so when you go to the bathroom in a restaurant, the lights are off until you get in there. Also, there is very little water in the toilet, so not much is used during flushing. And I'm quite impressed with this. But, after a week of coming back to the hotel to a steamy, stagnant room that fills up with mosquitos if you open the window, I can't help but think that I would kill someone in front of their own mama for a window unit air conditioner. Seriously. I'm going to sit in front of one of the vents for a few hours when I get back home.

So there it is. Admitting it is the first step towards being healthy. I'm an Ugly American in that I really, REALLY love air conditioning.

Monday, September 7, 2009

An Open Letter to the Madrid Airport

Dear Madrid Airport-

It would behoove you to have a customs and security line specifically for those with flights leaving in less than one hour. Thanks to you, I experienced my first missed flight and first instance of lost luggage. Although this character building experience my be laughed at in years to come, but right now? You suck.

The smelly American