Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fenton, shut up!

So I caved.

I was so pissed that Glee (yes, Glee) was going on hiatus because of American Idol that my plan was to boycott this season of Idol. But I watched it anyway, and I'm glad I did, because I got to see Andrew Fenton. He was this year's nasty guy, and he's the one who kinda looked like Clark Kent. And just the fact that his name was Fenton reminded me of Fenton from Home Movies. And of course, Coach McGirk saying "Fenton, shut up! Shut up! You apologize to your mother, and you apologize to all these people!"

Home Movies was done by the same people who did Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, which is one of my all time favorite shows. It was an animated show centered around Dr. Katz, who was a therapist to comedians or actors, so the therapy sessions were based on their standup acts. And the actors who were on were extremely funny, especially David Duchovny. Just him saying "Bubbleiscious" is hilarious. But my favorite Dr. Katz guest was Ray Romano. He was so funny on that show, and his episodes are great. I loved him so much that when I found out he was going to have a sitcom, I was really excited. And of course, that sitcom turned out to be Everybody Loves Raymond, so therefore I was sorely disappointed.

No offense, Ray Romano. I'm fully aware that this is one more sitcom than I'll ever have, I just don't like he said/she said comedy or family dysfunction.

Ray Romano has a new show, an hour long drama with the occasional chuckle called "Men Of A Certain Age". I'm of course watching it because it also stars Scott Bakula, who I'm sorry, I just love. I never got into Enterprise, but I love Scott Bakula. I even have "Somewhere In The Night" on my iPod. Anyway, Andre Braugher is in it too, and it's a surprisingly good show. The Ray Romano character is separated from his wife and just starting to date again, and the most recent episode is his first date with a woman the Scott Bakula character set him up with. And during the date, they are cracking jokes, and I was thinking "wow, that's pretty funny. He's clever!" And then I thought to myself, oh yeah, he IS a comedian!

I forget things sometimes.

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