Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why do I even bother?


Doesn't all of this knee jerking hurt?  Evidently, people who read my last blog are not happy with me.

A name dropper that I don't believe I've met before commented on my previous post asking me who died and made me God and what makes me think I can judge geek girls as shallow.  Perhaps my previous blog was too long and therefore people reading it checked out in the middle, so here are some bullet points:

  • I do not think geek girls are shallow.  I think we rule. 
  • Tony Harris doesn't think geek girls are shallow.
  • I do not think that women in geekdom are not "true" geeks.
  • I believe that women geeks are geeks to their marrow, just like me.  
  • I do not have an issue with cosplayers.  
  • I enjoy seeing cool costumes and I'm usually in awe of the skill used to make them and the time taken to make them perfect.
  • I do not however enjoy when people in costume won't give me a straight answer because they are too busy playing their part. It's like if we're not LARPing, please just tell me your actual, appears-on-your-driver's-license name.

Okay, so there is that.  Now, here are some of my opinions in general:

  • I do not enjoy spending time with shallow people.  
  • I do not enjoy people who put on a front of any kind.  
  • I do not like men who lie to pick up women.
  • I do not like women who lie to pick up men. 
  • I feel that there is something disingenuous about women who use their feminine wiles to obtain attention, services, or material goods.
  • I find attention whores to be exhausting.
  • I do not like it when people feel that geeks are easily fooled because they are just that desperate for attention from the opposite sex.  
  • I do not like it when others talk about geekdom in a degrading fashion, like it's "cute" or something.

So there.  I hope this clears things up.  I would once again like to remind people that I am an extremely geeky geek, and I am a woman.  I love being a geek.  To me, this is way more fun than anything.  As geeks we get to watch, read, play, and listen to amazing things.  And, we get to collect stuff.  My first reaction when meeting someone who is just getting interested in something I love is to be excited and open to sharing my stuff.  And if I see you in a cool costume I will take your photo and compliment you.  And if you happen to be dressed as Altaira Morbius, Jessica 6, or Penny Priddy, I will bow down before you, because those characters rule.  I'll be even more excited to be pals with you if you have seen the movies in which those characters appear.  Frankly these are the sexiest costumes I can think of off the top of my head, and if I had the body for them I'd dress up like these women in a New York minute. 

Oh, a few more bullets:

  • Not all women are shallow.
  • Not all HOT women are shallow.
  • Not all men are shallow.
  • Not all HOT men are shallow.
  • SOME women are shallow.
  • SOME women use their looks to get attention.
  • SOME women think that geeky guys are easy targets who will willingly do anything for them just because they, as geeks, never talk to women ever. 
  • SOME men are shallow.
  • SOME men use their looks to get attention.
  • SOME men think that they are doing some great charitable service to talk to a woman whose appearance is less than Vogue magazine standard.
  • I usually dislike ALL of the people who fall into the SOME categories listed above.  

Are we clear now?  And is the issue really just the fact that Tony Harris singled out scantily clad women?

Please, everyone - when you're reading something, please read past the buzzwords.  This goes for essays, opinion pieces, news stories, sales pitches, and especially election campaigns. 

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