Friday, May 8, 2009

Another on the side blog...

...or so it seems.

Well, it looks like I'm doing my own blog again. I didn't plan on this one. I started this blogger account a long time ago so I could comment on other blogs, and this account has just been sitting here since 2007. And as I realized tonight that there are times when I want to write but I feel too lazy to pick up a pen, a blog is perfect.

I have a lot of friends on LiveJournal, but for some reason, I like this Blogger program better. I used to keep a fairly regular blog on MySpace, but I'm almost never on MySpace anymore. I don't get what happened, I just think all of the grown-ups like Facebook better. I certainly do. I like just being on there. It feels like a virtual way to hang out in the Big Room. If someone shows up, cool, if not, you just do silly games.

Anyway, I know I have the blog I keep with Chris, but sometimes I just don't feel my brain droppings are appropriate for our blog. And I've yet to decide if I want to tell anyone about this blog or not. I suppose it depends on the content.

And I think what I am segueing to is a good reason to not tell anyone that I have a blog. I'm going to talk about my period and various body stuff.

And I'm not using the word blog after this sentence. It's one of those words that starts to sound incorrect after saying it too often. Kinda like the word "gummi".

Okay, back to the period. First off, I'm having this terrible sense of self-loathing because I hate reading other women's period stories. Having been a Women's Studies major, I've read more than I care to about what other women feel about their period or how the masturbate. So I'll being by apologizing for being a woman who wants to get back into writing and starts with a period story.

What prompted me to write this is that I was down in my kitchen and realized that I as I age, my periods become more and more stereotypical. When I was young, I had about 5 periods a year, maybe 6. I did not have a regular system at all. I had a regular one for about 3 months at the beginning of 1995, but it went right back to my usual patternless hell. I would be very crampy, but I wouldn't get bitchy, I'd get whiny. The whininess is all that has remained constant. But now, I have regular periods and while they are getting shorter and lighter, they are pretty much the same drill since I was in college. I describe it like a vacation. The first day is only really a half day, so you don't do much. Your second day you maybe sleep in a little and take it easy since hey, you're on vacation, why rush it? But then by the end of the day, you've begun to try to jam pack as much as you can do into your day. Day three is a whirlwind. You try to do as much stuff as possible, almost doing too much but you immerse yourself in your vacation. By the time you return to the hotel the night of day 3, you are exhausted and your feet hurt, so you decide to take a more vacation-like pace beginning day 4. Day 4 you get a lot done, but you breathe too, even giving yourself time to eat. And by the 6th or 7th day of vacation, you're ready to get back home and you're taking it easy.

But I was in the kitchen earlier to make a snack and I realized that I am craving salt like a crazy salt lick addict. I made myself tortilla pizzas, but that wasn't enough. I hate about 10 green olives, some stuffed with pimento, others anchovy, and tortilla chips. These were the saltiest things in the house short of grinding salt directly into my mouth. I've never been the salt craving kind. I get the iron cravings (spinach or burgers), but the salt thing is new to me.

I'm 33 now, which means my body is set to completely betray me any second now. I loosened the lid by allowing myself to be overweight. I've begun to notice things like this salt thing. Another example is my growing intolerance for spicy foods. I hate this because I love spicy foods. I can't eat half as much as I used to (yeah yeah, but still fat, I'm aware) and I can get knocked out.....

I just totally lost my train of thought. I think I need to put this one to bed, because I just read my last sentence and I have no idea where I was going with that. I'll start up my next bl..... um, one of these things soon as I talk about how Joss Whedon is my new They Might Be Giants.

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